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​We will greet you with a big hug in our magical garden, We are Moshe & Lihi-Osher​ And We welcome you to jump into our story... ​ ​Our story begins with a dream that many people have, The dream of living a different life, Being surrounded by beautiful landscapes, Listening to the wind rustle the leaves, The sound of birds chirping, Looking at water ripples...  A Ponte - Secret Garden it's The home we dream of - A place where everyone is welcome to join us.​  This dream couldn't become a reality without Alex that became a part of us, of the dream, of realizing it, of finding peace, of creating a family.​ The volunteers that Moshe carefully selects, literally gathers one by one, arrive every few weeks (and sometimes they stay for months). We had more than 40 amazing volunteers with us in the first year, and each one deserves enormous gratitude for their giving, as well as their openness of heart and thoughts and desire to become partners. ​There is a wide variety of people that pass through our gates, from European retirees on bicycles, to families traveling by caravan, some of them fell in love with the feeling of freedom and returned, others stayed for a month.​Our private entrance to the Alva River, the green spaces, the people who come here all are on the road to healing or who wish to be healed and released.Among the people we meet here are people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, Due to the language of the heart, everyone understands each other.​ We are located in a beautiful valley along a river that will be your companion throughout your stay,under the canopy of five billion stars.

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It was love that brought us to Secret Garden. 
The love for Moshe and Osher
As soon as we passed the entrance gate we fell in love 
with the silence, the connection to nature, to the earth, to the people who were there and to the people who came to visit.
The Secret Garden is a perfect starting point for trips in the area and also for those who choose to come, stay and just be.
Highly recommend ❣️


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