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Our location is in a small and picturesque village - Ponte das Três Entradas (Portugal) between the Serra do Açor mountains.

A Ponte - Secret Garden, located on the banks of the Alva River, where you will be able to have a full connection with nature.

It is much easier and safer to travel via N230.

Have a good & safe journey

Come on By!

Our garden is resides between PORTO and LISBON

And it's absolutely stunning, but there is even more than meets the eye than just beautiful plants.

Visit A Ponte - Secret Garden to take a peek at the garden, discover the magic of the river, wild herbs and much more.

It is easy to get here by private car, public transport and even by bicycle.

it is highly recommend coming to us during the day, so you can start your enjoyment from the beautiful road to us.


By Train

The nearest train station to us is located in the city of Coimbra, where we highly recommend traveling. Coimbra (in Portuguese: Coimbra) is a market city and the largest of the cities of the Coimbra province in Portugal. Although Coimbra served as the capital city of Portugal for a time, it is known for its university (founded in 1290), perched on a lofty hilltop - one of the leading universities in the Portuguese-speaking world. The city is located on the banks of the Mondago River and the port of Figueira de Foch.

From Coimbra you will need to take a bus or a taxi.


Private Pickup

Through us, you can book a private driver to pick you up at the Porto airport or at the Coimbra train station

Mountain Biking


By Bicycle

If you are a fan of cycling in the countryside, on the way to us you can enjoy road cycling on beautiful mountain roads, surrounded by green nature


Rua Principal N1 Santa Ovaia, Oliviera do Hospital,

Portugal 3400-591  |  Tel: +351-922253337/6/8

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